Back in the US(S)A

Some revelations, re-acquaintances, and queries.

Revelation. I hand-washed a shirt yesterday, because it’s a new shirt and I always get stains on new shirts the first time I wear them. It’s something every one of my shirts has to go through — t-shirt hazing, I guess. So I washed the shirt and hung it over the shower head.

In the morning, it was completely dry.

Query. Who eats at the approximately 2 million restaurants on the highway between Dallas and Austin?

Re-acquaintance. The Philosopher drained his Chick-Fil-A sweet tea in about 2 minutes. We were wondering if we should spring for another one with the coins in our pocket. And employee came over to our table. “Now, I’ve been eyeing that drink for a few minutes now. Could it be that y’all need a free refill? Let me take care of that for you, sir.”

Revelation. And then she and I talked about England for about 5 minutes. It’s rude not to talk to people here.

Query. Is 55mph too slow for anyone else, or just us?

Query. $2.19 for 5 chicken drumsticks. What!?

Re-acquaintance. Trader Joe’s. Long live the chocolate covered espresso bean. (Or chocolate covered sea-salted butterscotch  caramel bites, pipes up the Phil, in a single breath.)

Revelation. Shopping for laundry detergent: though variety is often considered the spice of life, it can be a curse too.

Query. Are the fact that Americans seem like giants to me accounted for by the chocolate covered espresso bean?

I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers. Hit me.

11 thoughts on “Back in the US(S)A

  1. Yes, 55mph is way too slow, though the way we Americans drive, perhaps not!
    Americans seem so giant because of those 2 million restaurants (probably mostly fast-food) between Dallas and Austin!

  2. Oh my goodness, don’t you LOVE how fast things dry here?!? I wonder why a) Americans don’t line-dry their clothes more often and b) why British people don’t own tumble dryers. It seems all backwards…(probably to do with energy costs though)
    And the grocery stores here can be a nightmare. How many brands of yogurt/toothpaste/cereal are necessary? Really? Grocery store fury was omnipresent for the first month after our arrival!
    Hope we can see you guys at some point – how long are you in Texas?

    1. You are so right, Jane. It is completely backwards! Never thought I’d say it, but…I might buy a drying rack here and save our coins! We’re here until March — shoot me an email and we’ll see if we can sort out a visit.

  3. Heya sweet, great to see you have a blog! It’s a fun way to keep up with your and the philosophers doings 🙂 Great evocations of life in the US – thanks for sharing! Xx

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