Monday Morning Blues

Monday Monday, Oneday Funday? Is there any blog reader out there who loves a Monday? Who can’t wait for the week to begin? Tell us all your secret, please.

England has dealt us a lousy hand recently, weather-wise, and it’s really got me down. Freezing cold, oppressively low hanging clouds, gasp-inducing wind — baby, we’ve got it all in GB. The Big P. and I have debated a spontaneous trip to Tenerife but thought better of it. What if we left and missed the one day of sunshine in the whole next month? We’d never forgive ourselves.

Nonetheless, we turn to thanks for some great stuff that is happening (indoors):

1) We have been trying our darndest to brighten up a moldy flat with daffydils and roses. Mission sort of accomplished — the table’s looking great, at least! Let’s not venture into the bedroom…especially near the windows…

daffodils 2

2) Eek! Page 96 of the novel! This is getting serious folks. Stop me before I get all writer-y.

3) I made two different batches of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies this weekend, both a complete disaster. The first came out like rock-shaped scones, the second like flat muffin tops. My gracious roommate told me not to worry, “it’s just the oven.” I wish I could believe him. But the upside is that, not being able to give them away in such an embarrassing condition, we have lots for ourselves!ce1b7ed7848c9010c4272943ea1d6bd2

4) Twoo Wuv. The Philosopher and I both seemed to have acquired a slight knee injury within a few days of each other. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is. In all seriousness…are sympathy pains real?

5) Hark! There has been lots of singing in the house recently due to finally buying a box of antihistamines. We’ve been in a bit of denial about getting hayfever in Feb, but finally ‘fessed up to the state of our nasal passages and bit the bullet/pills. What a relief. We can sing in the shower/at the stove/using the hairdryer again (Bakestress, this last one’s for you.)

6) Skype with various friends and relatives. What an invention! Thank you, computer programmers of the world.

7) Finishing a few freelance writing gigs which, besides being more engaging than I first believed,  are slowly paying for our flights to Dallas in June. Now, if only I can save up enough for a couple of cowboy hats…

8) The NHS. I really do love it. I especially got the warm fuzzies earlier this week when my GP asked me to write him an earnest letter detailing my symptoms and how they made me feel. For you, Dr N, anything. Especially if I get a heartfelt letter in return (with cure enclosed).

9) Slow-cooker pork ribs! So easy! So delicious! I was not able to buy most of the ingredients (namely, barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce) but a combination of ingenuity, the Internet, and dumb luck meant they turned out to be delicious anyway.

10) Ok – hit me with your best thought.


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I enjoy reading your comments and seeing the sights of England. Now Ginny has been bitten by the blog bug. Actually, she has been trying to motivate herself to find the time to write a little something, for quite a while. She is going along pretty regularly at I am sure that she would be happy to hear from you. You have been something of an inspiration.

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