A Walk on the Wild Side

We took a walk in the wilds of Berkshire this weekend with our dear friend Mary-Berry (almost her real name :). It was a real adventure into the heart of British village life, starting with visiting the place where villagers have to come morning and night to draw water for their baths. DSC04347We’ve always known that Brits love their animals; apparently, they love them so much that they occasionally abandon the neutering process halfway through.


There are some truly impressive manor houses, often overlooking a village. After all, someone’s got to monitor the rebellious masses.

DSC04350The Philosopher had a rough time roughing it in the wild. He impressively leaped a small pond but still somehow managed to get one foot completely soaked.


A minute or so later, he got trapped in between barbed wire and the trenches. It’s a warzone in Berkshire, I tell you.

DSC04355Then the poor man nearly got thrown into the fast-moving waters of the Thames by a maniacal Mary-Berry. She just wanted him to see the weir, and he couldn’t spot it!

DSC04363I managed to stay dry, but my faithful wellies bore the brunt of it on that score. DSC04354

We finished off the day gargoyle-spotting, a common Berkshire pastime. I found one!


4 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side

    1. It’s true. What I didn’t mention in the post, so as not to mortify him, is that he actually had brought them but left them in the car on purpose (out of laziness?). So, really, he has no one to blame but himself.

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