Monday Morning Blues

Ok – stop press. 5:48pm and it’s not pitch black.

This is big.

And what a difference it makes to everyone’s moods! 1 million points go to the sun and its Vitamin D-filled rays. It wins the game (of life?) forever.

We’re thankful for:

1) Just giving up on the whole crepe thing last Shrove Tuesday and indulging in some killer American pancakes: banana, whole wheat, raisins and that magic ingredient…fried in butter.DSC04331

2) Make-your-own pizza nights with friends…and we’re STILL eating leftovers!DSC04345

3) Novel: page 69, baby!

4) A fantastic country adventure in Berkshire with Mary-Berry…in which the Philosopher practice his acrobatics. Intrigued? More to come! And doesn’t it look like Mary has a sheath of arrows on her back?!DSC043655) A succession of very fine meals made by other people recently…this is the first night I’ve cooked in five! Thanks to the Philosopher for a Valentines-themed feast.

DSC043416) Finding a new favorite wine – see above photo! Fruitily fantastic and far too easy to drink!

7) Realizing today the stellar line-up we’ve got for this year: March – Violinist/Chocoholic; April – one very special JCV (The Artiste); May – The Lactation Guru + her folks!!; June – Cape Cod; July – Belfast wedding…and I could go on. It’s good to have things to look forward to in life.

8) A successful spousal meeting-cum-Sunday Roast which was both hilarious and delicious. I think the two boys in charge were both, possibly, on their first day AND the owners. The pub’s undergone some change of management recently. They spent the hour we were there pouring Coke into a fishbowl from the coca-cola tap trying to get the syrup to taste “right” as they had “just loaded a new batch of syrup”. I’m pretty sure they just about drained a whole batch of syrup waiting for it to taste right. The Philosopher was deeply grieved by the waste of Coke! DSC04368

9) Three planes blazed a pink trail through the sky last night. It was beautiful and other-worldly in real life. On camera — not so much. Use your imagination.DSC04369

10) Your turn! Give me something good to celebrate.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I thought watching one of the all-time great cinema love stories with your one true honey-pie love on the evening of St. Valentine’s Day 2013 was sure to make this list, but no…

  2. Ooh, ok, here’s a # 10: listening to the band Branches the last two days (google reveals there are several bands with this not-so-original name, apparently, but this is the one from SoCal). It’s so difficult to find new bands one really takes a shine to these days.

  3. I think this is a cause to celebrate…..The Bakestress’s birthday this weekend, celebrated at midnight on the dot, with birthday cake stealthily brought into Journey’s End by a bunch of young adults (male). AND – the Violinist slept through almost all of it!

    1. The real celebration in all that was a good night of sleep for the Violinist! But the multitude of cake and laughter this weekend is a close second!

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