Monday Morning Blues

Hmm. I have a sneaking suspicion that this may become a once a week blog. It feels like I’m out every evening these days (which is a better excuse than to have to admit that nothing blogworthy is really happening). Time and photographic events are in short supply.

But I’m ok with it if you are!

Here are a few goings-on for which we are thankful:

1) Getting a play-by-play of winterstorm NEMO, from the comfort of the British climate. The Lactation Guru asked us last night if we had any snow, to which the Philosopher sneered: “What, did you think it would come across the ocean?” Turns out she was right, however! Sons, do not mock thy mothers. We had a thin blanket of it everywhere upon waking this morning. Nothing compared to the Violinist+Chocoholic’s 2.5 feet or so…lex lib2) The American aisle Tesco is growing. Look at the new kid in town!! Note the name change. It’s actually a bit sad – the American aisle, so newly instituted, has started to leak over into other categories. Finz made their fishy way into the snacking aisle. They are of course snacks, but American ones. I will feel sad if the UK’s grocery stores meld into an American model where there are 15 varieties of everything, mainly processed foods. Might be one of my least favorite parts of the States – excess in a particular frustrating way. Nonetheless: Finz are fun.DSC04327

3) Junior Mints are also in town, and I just LOVED the ghetto sticker crookedly placed on the back to show everything in metric!DSC04328

4) Suspiciously, most of my points seem to be about food. Well, dash it all, I’m doing it anyway. We have started a new Saturday tradition, the Philosopher and I: fresh ciabatta toasted sandwiches with cheddar, avocado and rocket! The ginger beer was a particularly nice addition this weekend, not to mention the pumpkin (3rd American aisle shout-out, ahem) muffins waiting their turn to be consumed for dessert! DSC04329

5) Yikes. More food gratitude. At least it rhymes. In other news: check out this GIANT avocado! DSC04330

6) 55 pages and going strong on the novel front. On the left is the work in progress. On the right is the outline, which is less outline and more “abbreviated version of full text complete with pithy phrases to include in real-thing”. The outline sounds pretty funny as a result, with bullet points interspersed with paragraphs of perfectly grammatical prose!IMG_0143

6) No comments, please. I know this looks like another food-itude. But it’s not. It’s my new camera! Talk about crisp and bright and real! (Also…the browned butter icing really rounded out the muffins’ flavour. But that’s not officially part of #6.)IMG_0145

7) I took said new camera out for a stroll and spotted some crocuses coming up. Poor dears. They couldn’t have known about the snow. Here’s hoping they’re heartier than the tender green colour would make you think…and WOW a DSLR makes a different to point-and-shoot photography!


8) I enjoyed a lovely cream tea on Saturday with the thoughtful and charming writer of this blog. The scones were a bit dry – I am definitely NOT thankful enough for them to make them point number 8, please everyone note. But the Adventurer’s sparkling wit and insight: now THAT I can get behind.

9) We’re well into February now, which means that the Philosopher is that much closer to finishing this old doctorate and I am that much closer to springtime and we are both that much closer to multiple visits from friends and family.

10) Well, what are you waiting for? Chip in folks! And food-related gratitude is welcome 🙂

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Frosting on cakes! It can cover up a multitude of “sins” underneath. Although I do believe the birthday cake I made for a friend yesterday was perhaps an exception. Well it was in 10 different piece before I frosted. – Everyone LOVED it!

  2. Hey, nothing wrong with celebrating food. It’s what you do when consistently hanging out indoors due to not-so-ideal-weather. But I need to find this American isle you speak with the ghetto-stickered junior mints!

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