Monday Morning Blues

It’s happened, folks. Spring is sneaking its way into Oxford, and allergies back into our nostrils. The Philosopher and I popped open the pillbox that has been hiding since September, with a mixture of regret and excitement.

Allergies are sad, but they usually herald foliage, daffodils, long evenings, and the like. It’s a tricky equation to balance, but spring comes out greater 9 times out of 10 I think.

So, to be thankful:

1) Bright sunshine a few mornings this week made for a glorious morning commute.


2) 33 pages into the novel and…(drumroll) we have a death! To my great embarrassment, the Google search box currently reads “how do you knock someone out with drugs?” Internet police: I’m innocent!

3) You can thank us later; this weekend we finally did a long-awaited taste test of various digestive biscuits brands. McVities simply cannot be beaten (but Sainsbury’s most upscale brand came pretty close.)


4) Sun is setting later – lights out around 5:20 means a few days a week I can get away without those pesky front bike lights!

5) I am so thankful for the small things in life that tickle my funny bone. Like the back of these blackhead clearing strips. Step one (and two, scarily): LOCATE THE NOSE. IF NOT ABLE, TRY AGAIN. Step two: CUP HANDS FIRMLY IN ORDER TO RECEIVE NOSE STRIP. Etc.DSC04314

6) We made it through January. I am thankful for this. January has got to be a tricky month for everyone. Except southern hemisphere folk. I guess that is about 30-40% of the global population though…’everyone’ is feeling increasingly over-dramatic.

7) I was vacuuming yesterday and spotted someone spying on me…I think she’s been doing so for at least a year. Sicko.DSC04317

8) Despite a very tight squeeze between work and evening meetings this week, I’m very excited for our meals line-up. First on the menu: Salade au Lardons Pizza!

9) I’ve been compiling all of the many songs composed over the years, from an early 16 year-old attempt (one which still reverberates in my head from time to time despite having very little melodic interest to speak of) to more recent pennings. Many were scrapped, but I managed to salvage 11 which may be able to be heard by listeners without inducing tears of boredom or fits of illness. Thankful for creative outlets.

10) Your turn!


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