Just one more…

I can’t promise that this blog won’t be taken over by kids quotations, but I just had to share one more, in its original form. I hope you a) can decipher it and b) enjoy it!

“hiy morgen

I wood like the cloths to th spy ger. I wood like a ipod!!!! I love nachor anboles and sweets. A spy belte weth pestls and wepens shoose and sports! And colers I am crat at art (star) thanks for the gifts!

(then there is a picture which is either two hands giving us the finger or two hands which accidentally look like they are giving us the finger but are doing something else indecipherable)

from angent Bruce + Michael

p.s. wompom kamonstle eee sexy laday!!!!!”

I too was disturbed by the p.s. Whatever it says, it can’t be good!

Happy weekending, one and all.

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