Wonderful things that kids have said to me

This week, I asked a few kids what they would most like to read about, if they had the choice of anything in the whole world.

A few answers:

“Cameras, fish, trucks, and hamsters.” Ok; in that order?

“Call of Duty.” Hmm…let me rephrase the question.

“I only want to read about bridges.” Tell us how you really feel, mate…

I especially love to see what kids will use as a salutation before their name. Sometimes they ask their parents – I imagine – and I get very formal letters signed, ‘kind regards’, or ‘yours sincerely’. One seven year old gentleman-in-training thanked me for my “letter of concern” before signing off.

But I have to say, there’s something sweet about getting letters signed ‘love’ from kids you’ve never met nor spoken to before. Like this one.

“I think Easyread is not so challenging as I thought. I am getting better at it and I hope I have more and more lessons and I hope I’ll be a good spy. I really really hope you had a lovely Christmas. I know I will not quit.


The darndest, sweetest things.

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