Monday Morning Blues

Right now, as I write, the English sky is black and the clouds are a faint, bloody red.

It is spooky.

The wind is wrenching loose the lids of garbage cans, front gates, and all the hair out of my already unimpressive ponytail.


Nonetheless, it is Monday and Mondays are reserved for thankfulness only.*

1. Despite the Halloween-on-a-Hollywood-set raging outside at the moment, it looks to be a warmer week!

Picture 1

2.  We had fun with chickpeas – or rather, at their expense – this week. I bought a huge bag of them dried over the weekend because we have been loving having them roasted as a snack during the week. I underestimated how much they would expand, and we ended up with a massive bowl of them – at least 15 cups! Ok, not so funny so far, you say…BUT DID YOU KNOW: chickpeas crackle?! We spent an entire evening giggling at the slightly rude noises they made as they sat in the bowl soaking up water. I thought it was only rice that snapped, crackled and popped?


3) Another chapter of the novel is written…but chapter three is usually where I hit a brick wall. Here’s hoping that having the Philosopher as a trusty co-author will make all the difference.

4) Having some great folks over to dine on Saturday night also meant having some great eats, brownies with white chocolate espresso sauce being a particular highlight.

5) Enjoying Starbucks’ latest ‘seasonal specialty’: the Vanilla Spice Latte. It’s the only seasonal specialty I’ve ever really enjoyed (or tried really, come to think of it, save a Pumpkin Spice one that tasted suspiciously similar but worse)

6) Planned Skype dates tonight with friends all over the planet.

7) Cinnamon raisin bread. Possibly with cream cheese, though I couldn’t definitively confirm one way or the other whether I indulge in such an unconventional pairing.

8) I especially enjoyed singing up front at church this Sunday, where I have a wonderful view of many toddlers “dancing”, or as I would call it, “boinging”.

9) Eek, a stretch to get to nine here. The Philosopher recommends, tentatively: ‘friends?’ Agreed. I am indeed thankful for friends. But I have mentioned that already. Oo, oo, I know! Pick me pick me! I watched a wonderful movie on Friday night called Safety Not Guaranteed. I loved that movie. Big question is: can I honestly say I like it better than Moonrise Kingdom?? That’s a big ask. But maybe, just maybe. I would recommend SNG, if you haven’t seen it. Mark Duplass is a comic genius.



10) All right, folks, your turn!


*Philosopher darling, remind me of this when I call you on Mondays to complain every week…

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Having the day begin with an early morning inspirational phone call from my daughter was only matched by a call at just the right time from an angel who unknowingly kept me out of harms way. The Bakestress also saves 🙂

  2. I’m thankful for the ability to put crooked bones back together straight – by myself! WOW Mommy, look at me!

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