Monday Morning Blues

We’ve had a bit of a Nor’easter this weekend — or I guess it should be something else. Angloster?

What is beautiful and white quickly turns slushy and grim. What is soft and crunchy underfoot turns into a perfect way to test one’s new super-grip welly-boots.

Or to experiment with cycling-on-ice, soon to be a new extreme sport I’m sure.

Amidst all the excitement, we have stopped to be thankful:

1) Sure, we’re thankful for a change from overcast and grey to overcast and white.IMG_01262) Working on music — leading to the occasional glimmer of hope, and the more frequent throwing-of-one’s-compositions-on-the-floor. Both instances are fun.IMG_01273) Playing with the focus on new cameras. Can you see the trees for the keys?IMG_01284) Shadowy keys are fun, but I am more thankful for crystal clear ones, even on a mid-level electric ‘board.IMG_01305) Fixing the mould. Well, doing this wasn’t much fun, but it feels so so good to be done with it! Thanks go primarily to the Big Phil.IMG_01326) Doing lots of laundry. This is more fun than it sound, because the slight mould smell is temporarily displaced by a slight clean-linen smell. I always loved the ‘Clean Linen’ candles from Yankee Candle growing up.IMG_01337) Coming home from a trip away is the worst part of travel – any readers actually enjoy unpacking?? Finding PD James at the bottom of my bag brightened the experience.IMG_01358) Speaking of trips away…so thankful for a fantastic weekend away to visit the Mathematician’s new digs. Despite a disappointing cinema experience with Les Mis, we made up for the somewhat low singing quality by belting out the tunes ourselves on Sunday morning!

9) Making lemon chocolate chip shortbread and consuming it during Ticket to Ride India while simultaneously listening to the lilting tones of some Nor’n Irish folk. Yes – all three activities at once. I know, I know, you’re jealous.IMG_014110) I love hearing from you best of all… did you enjoy a small moment of goodness this past week?


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. That shortbread looks amazing! We had our own delicious feast of chocolate chip cookie cake this weekend – deliciously gooey! And certainly cheered up a wintery evening!

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