Monday Morning Blues

It’s hard to be blue when you wake up to…

1) The first snow of the season! Interestingly, WordPress won’t let me rotate this image. Spooky.


2) Closet clearouts = clothes for charity = more room for modernworkinggirl clothes!


3) A final Christmas present: necklaces from Lactaction Gurus!


4) American Breakfasts on Saturday mornings. DSC04289

5) Most especially these babies…homemade cinnamon rolls!DSC04290

6) Leftover pancakes for breakfast on Sunday…and the rest of this week.


7) Scary/funny names in Oxford.

IMG_20130108_1329378) New projects in the creative domain – for the amazing and endless combinations of words, and tones, and words and tones.

9) Skype – what a life-changing invention for those of us away from “home”…from the many homes we have between us.

10) Anyone have a great reason to be cheerful on this fine January Monday?

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Beginning the day by opening my email to beautiful photos of a Mum with her sons new dog.

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