Monday Morning Blues

It’s Monday! We’ve had a week to be thankful for, in many many ways.

1. The Philosopher and I put an awkward looking coat stand together which was exciting…and too big for our small living area. Bummer. Anyone in the (booming, I hope) coat stand market?


2. We drowned our coat-rack-related sadness in our first ever Indian takeaway. Why has it taken us so long?! Chicken tandoori wins every time.


3. We spent Saturday afternoon shopping at Next for the Phil.’s annual Christmas jeans – thank you Auntie Joy and Uncle Pete for making it possible 🙂 The Phil. gets a little stressed about shopping.


4. I joined the ranks of WAGS in the changing room nodding our heads, raising disdained eyebrows, and giggling over our male friends’ total dependency on us.


5. We saw some strange street magicians who had somehow convinced a bunch of fully grown males to lie on the winter-cold pavement and cover their manhood against the…magic…to come.


6. An oreo-peanut butter cup Moo Moo’s was enjoyed by the Philosopher in celebration, ironically, of going down a jeans size. Not for long with milkshakes that one around!

7. We enjoyed not one but TWO nights of board games recently! I lost Settlers Cities and Knights on Saturday to some smooth-talking, game-winning South Africans (plus ginger chocolate cookies of mouthwatering quality). Then I lost at Bohnanza on Friday to some trivia-prodigious, brownie-bearing Brits. I now have a new favorite creature: the winkle. Plus a cool party trick: “hey, do you know what a troglodyte is? I do.” Guaranteed to make you friends.

8. The arrival of a memory card for my new Canon 1100d. Now to learn how to do more than turn it on…eeps!

9. Slowly making our way through all of the leftover holiday-related sweets in the freezer and chocolate shelf. This is both satisfying and delicious. And please, no comments about the fact that we do have, at all times of the year, a chocolate shelf.

10. Anyone give me a number 10 from your week?


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Think I have at last more or less shaken off my cough and cold – after the flu – and almost back to normal. Like your blogs. Maybe the Philosopher and I should shop together?

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