Peter and I spent New Year’s Eve the way only Brits can: deeply embroiled in a murder mystery costume drama.

And when I say embroiled, I mean that we were the players.

We spent most of Monday speaking to each other, and mumbling to ourselves, in French accents. I hope no one noticed me in the grocery store…zee ice crheem – sheck; zee sheeze incre-ah-bluh – sheck; zee cham-pu – sheck.

Introducing, Pierre Paysanski, poet rogue and Trotsky-ite, chain smoker, lover of women:


And his 18 year-old socialite amour, Nicole le Grandbutte – supporter of the French Resistance, governor’s daughter at large (Morroco):


She commonly tries to look mysterious, and ends up looking at a cobweb on the ceiling.

They are a secretive, good-for-nothing pair.


The good news is: they didn’t do it! However, they did manage to nab the true murderers in one fell swoop. As close to heroes as you get in a murder mystery party.

What did you do on New Year’s Eve?



3 thoughts on “Whodunnit

  1. We both managed to lose miserably at Settlers on New Year’s Eve. But we DID manage to stay up until midnight

  2. Please tell the “Violinist” how proud I am that she saw in The New Year! I do so need to know more about Settlers and did not think cobwebs with your photo. Pretty and new hair cut!!!
    Happiest New Year to Y’All!!!!!!!

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