The very best arrangement

I love Christmas on a Tuesday. It’s the very best arrangement. It means, in England at least, that it’s pretty easy to just take the whole week off, plus then Monday and Tuesday of the following for New Year’s Day…which makes for 11 days total — without taking hardly a toll on that holiday allowance!

We had a nice sunny-ish Christmas Day, with lots of excitement, mostly of the edible variety.



We enjoyed the classic Whitfield Christmas scones and decided by scientific process that Acacia honey beats Greek any day. Honey+butter+hot oatmeal scone=lots of self-questioning along the lines of: why do we only do this once a year?!


Luckily I managed to renew my philosopher subscription for Christmas. Phew! Was worried he might have put his prices up for a whole new year. In fact, jobs are so scarce in the Humanities that I got him half-price!


Some of us danced around in new jackets, courtesy of a gift card from my job…


…while others of us took a hint from a well-titled novel.


We spent Boxing Day with my family up north, stuffing ourselves with ham and salmon (a winning combination), before jetting off on a jaunt to beautiful North Wales.

Can you see the family resemblance between us? I can! Isn’t it amazing how one can resemble both one’s mother AND father’s gene pool?




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