I’m dreaming of a dryyyy Christmas!

It’s true — we are in for a wet Christmas. The rains have come and the fields across from our home are flooded yet again. Perhaps a flood-Christmas carries the same kind of a magic as a white-Christmas? Novelty stroke adventure factor is definitely there at least.

The Philosopher and I have spent our first day of the Christmas hols on a mission, called: stock-up-on-fun-stuff-so-that-a-flood-Christmas-will-still-be-great. I think we’ve succeeded!

We successfully completed Level 1 — Get chocolate


Level 2 — pile up reading and viewing material from the local lib’


Level 3 — Last minute Christmas shopping for philosophers’ wellies and other sundry items


Level 4 — the obligatory “everyone pile on the armchair for a spontaneous photo” shot to get us feeling Christmassy. With only two people in the stockpile, it’s really not too squished.


To friends and family far and near, we miss you extra much right now! We’ll eat a chocolate orange slice on your behalf when we crack open our first movie tonight (Run Lola Run in case you’re dying to know).

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