And the sad violin plays…

There’s something about the sad, straining tone of a violin that movies love. Layer it over a romantic scene: instant pulling-of-heart-strings. Whisper it over the final scene where Granny Smith passes away peacefully and all the relatives cry (and sigh with relief): audience sighs right along with them. And have you SEEN Schindler’s List? There are violins all over that movie.

Our sad violins were playing as the Violinist left us yesterday morning. Oxford felt her absence too, and immediately shrouded itself in incredibly thick fog, which we felt was appropriate.

But what fun we had!

We played ‘guess who’ games with the camera. Guess who?


It’s Mom! Could be me though, uncannily so.

We (she) made us Christmas decorations with one hand while drinking tea with the other. Moms can do that you know.


We nearly exploded blowing up balloons in secret while the Philosopher philosophized.


We played lots of games like Bohnanza (new fave!), Settlers and the classic Outburst where the Violinist is on both teams. She always seems to win…(and, if you think about it, also always loses.) We cried with laughter during Pass the Thimble.


We…didn’t take enough pictures.

Come back soon!




2 thoughts on “And the sad violin plays…

  1. My violin was actually relatively happy to see me. It had “sagged” somewhat over my days away, and appears to have enjoyed having some melodious Beethoven drawn out of it.

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