Birthday Bash

I think I may have mentioned before…the Philosopher’s birthday is one of the best days of the year.

There’s something unparalleled about giving gifts to a philosopher. They are generally excellent receivers of gifts. A wide smile immediately breaks across the face of the average philosopher, and a twinkle appears in the eye as he cradles the glove/book/mince pie up against his cheek in mock adoration.

We really lived it up on Sunday, thanks to the Violinist. She has been the key to every success we’ve had this week, from fudge to scone!

DSC04173 The Philosopher hates that little fake Christmas tree, but we were in need of winter decor for the birthday table…

DSC04175DSC04179In honor of the Chocoholic (who could go as the eponymous Butterholic), the Philosopher slathered it on thick.DSC04181New shirt!


New sweat’!


We did a little half-hearted attempt at a surprise party…threw some balloons when the first person arrived, handed out hats,


…played some crazy old games with thimbles and beans,

DSC04188…talked to a funny Rev with a somewhat ostentatious headpiece,

DSC04195…and spent most of the day in ribbons!



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