Monday Morning Blues

On the eve before the Violinist leaves us, we’re hard-pressed to feel thankful. But looking back on a week of fun and adventure, at the same time, we’re hard-pressed NOT to feel thankful!

1. For example, we had Thursday’s no-water adventure. After the flood, it felt a little ironic to have no water supply whatsoever. Once again the Philosopher rose to the challenge and bought lots of bottled Evian. Because when the tap water fails, one wants to wash one’s hands in style.

DSC041592. Having the Violinist with us means having Granny Wynne’s Fudge in our bellies! It only turns out right when she is here…


3. We spoke to the Chocoholic on Skype and lit a candle in memory of the Bakestress while she was away at a school event…but it turns out that she was there the whole time baking – can you believe it – and she popped down to say hello!


4. Christmas chocolate! Can’t beat the fudge, but who cares — have both!

5. The Violinist insisting upon a tea cosy for the kettle, and coming up with a makeshift one via tea towel! Her creativity knows no bounds.


6. Speaking of the Violinist…we loved her new ‘do! Most people struggle on their way from short to long hair, but she is rocking it (if such a thing can be said about a classical violinist).

7. We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas concert at my favorite college, Keble. It was completely candlelit, and to brag a bit, we didn’t have any false entries or overly explosive ‘t’s from my choir 🙂

8. I was able to buy quite a few Christmas pressies this week…I love doing it when I feel inspired! Just sad I won’t be there for the giving – Philosopher excepted. And he is the very best person to give to.

9. My fleecy hat – absurd though it may be – kept my warm in our sub-zero temperatures (it’s nice to be able to say that, in Celsius, and mean it!). An old fleecy hat kept the Violinist warm too!DSC04158

10. Any number tens from the peanut gallery?

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