Monday Morning Blues

This morning was one of those deceptive ones. At 7:30am it was milder than it has been for two frigid weeks. I set off without a hat and cycled against a warmish wind into work.

Ha. Foiled again!

There is this peculiar weather pattern in England where the high temp of the day will actually happen between 7 and 9am. And three years on, it gets me every time.  I walked outside at lunchtime with frozen cheeks and icy eyelashes.

Nonetheless, we persist in looking on the glass half sunny side:

1) I love this Whole Earth soda. Elderflower, Lemon, Ginger and Cranberry…it’s all good. I sourced it for a conference I ran last summer, and now suddenly I’m seeing it popping up in specialty retail stores everywhere! Entrepreneurs: the organic soda market is coming to life and is ripe for the competition.


2) Weird British humor. Like this ad. Am I missing something? Like the guy on Radio 2 the other day who said that “Radio two is better than putting on warm pants* straight out of the dryer.” Ok, but…so random it’s not-funny? *means underwear


3) I was looking at a coupon the other day for riding lessons (fulfilling childhood fantasies in mid-twenties) and at the end of the ad it said “Riding hat and equipment provided.” What about the horse?!! Is it BYOH?

4) I was alone in the office today. But that meant more Christmas bickies for me! Not the biggest Victoria fan though, I have to say (and I would know. When one is alone one must sample them on behalf of one’s absentee colleagues.)


5) The arrival of a very special guest…the Violinist! Here she is at a Friday night concert before hopping on a plane to visit the home counties. Picture courtesy of a talented blog follower (if you have a website of your photography, please link to it in the comments Diane!)


6) We’re on the 6 day countdown to the Philosopher’s “significant” birthday. I’m excited because his birthday is one of the best days of the year, if not the best.

7) I’m excited to maybe have a new camera to play around with soon at Christmas! The aforementioned Diane needs to give me some DSLR tips!

8) Even though we have no bathtub, there is a hot tub at our gym. Previously, I have lamented this whole lack of bath situation, but there is a hidden benefit: the gym is paying for high cost hot water in the winter on my behalf. This is good, as energy prices rise and our monthly bill does too.

9) I am still scarfing down chocolate pumpkin bars (aka ‘pumpkin pie gone wrong bars‘) leftover from Thanksgiving on a daily basis. Highlight of my work day. Is that ridiculous? What IS ridiculous is that I have taken to warming them up on the radiator next to my desk instead of the microwave. I should stop that. I think it might make my coworkers uncomfortable.

10) Ok, I’m ready for it…give me your number 10!


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