Is it too late…

…for a Thanksgiving post?

I’ll keep it brief and focus on highlights and pictures.

Pumpkin cornbread was a moderate success…I prefer regular.

This was meant to be pumpkin pie…but became my all-time favorite bars, pumpkin chocolate chip.  Marcella’s (who needs an epithet by now…the Adventurer!) big lesson learned from Thanksgiving was that fireman are friends, not foes. (reference…?) Mine was that condensed milk is NOT the same as evaporated milk. So once you have put in a cup of sugar to your pumpkin pie, adding a can of sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated might kill your dinner guests with diabetes. But use that pumpkin pie base and turn it into bars for a month’s worth of delicious elevenses.

Lesson number 2: plates do not need to match for your guests to have a good time.

Lesson number 3: always, always use your (clean) hands to pick off the last bits of juicy turkey. OH! And also ask Andy (the Manx) to make your turkey. He will convert you from a hater to a lover.

Lesson number 4: don’t plan a seating chart. It will be fine.

Lesson number 5:  When your guests offer to help clean up, for once say yes. They may stack your dishes artistically as an added bonus.

Lesson number 6: hug your honey at the end of the night. Helps digestion.

Thanks to all who came and made our Thanksgiving a great one!


3 thoughts on “Is it too late…

  1. Didn’t I teach you anything about condensed milk – it only belongs in GWF. Your friend looks awfully like Kyla Davis

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