A Great Flood

When we first moved into this flat a year and a half ago, I had to grit my teeth and go through the hassle of switching over all of our utilities and other housing-related expenses. Such a not-fun job. Especially since there were seemingly only downsides. Our car insurance went up because we moved 7 miles north into the “dangerous city”. And when I say “went up”, I mean it almost doubled.

There was one downside which also had an upside. We couldn’t get contents insurance because we had moved to a flood area. Which meant that in the case of a flood, we’d have to cover the cost of any losses ourselves. But it also meant saving £27 a month, which I’m never opposed to… After all, since when does it flood in Oxford?

Well, the flood waters are upon us and rising.

It’s very exciting.

The Philosopher tells all:

Check out our local Nisa — stranded!

And under Magdalen Bridge, the Cherwell has swollen over its banks and subsumed a park bench…can you spot it?

We however are prepared for the worst here. All important games are stacked up a foot off the ground! What would we even do if Pictionary got damaged…

Priorities, priorities.

Wish us luck!

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