Monday Morning Blues

Well, two days on from the big dinner, we’re finally unstuffed and woke up with proper appetites this morning.

Which, admittedly, were a little bit dampened by the eighth day of freezing rain we saw dawning outside our bedroom window.

But only a little bit.

We enjoyed nice brimming bowls of breakfast before waterproof-suiting up and braving the torrents on our morning commutes.

Thankful for:

1. Finding that pumpkin has finally come to the UK! Tinned/canned is now available not only on Amazon, but at everyone’s favorite posh superstore, Waitrose. Finding canned pumpkin cut down big time on Saturday’s Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

2. The pumpkin-related, rip-roaring success of that very Thanksgiving party. Plus a delicious turkey that very nearly went up in flames. There’s nothing quite like getting that dreaded phone call an hour before curtain rises…”Um, we’ve had a little emergency. But don’t worry, we think the turkey’s ok!” For more juicy (ha ha) details, see

3. Flood adventures — apparently, we are in a high-risk flood area and are currently experiencing our first flood warning! My co-worker was excitedly giving me a play by play update on the flood-saster at work today. Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like weather-related news in England to get the adrenaline pumping.

4. Treasure hunting with the Philosopher one day at lunch, and finding a chained staircase to this ancient crypt. If you’re bored at lunch, grab your local philosopher and try to find hidden excitement in your hometown that you haven’t noticed before.

5. Christmas decorating has begun, and finished! Look, I put “up” an advent “calendar”!

6. Finally defeating our keen and cunning radio which decided to tighten its chastity belt last weekend and locked us out of use for 7 days! If we could whisper the magic codeword, it would let us back in. Every time we guessed wrong, it made us pay a 60 minute penalty…as in, we had to drive around for 60 minutes before it would let us try again! 7. A Sunday afternoon spent reading Superfreakonomics – love it! New favorite read.

8. 2 nights of football playing per week…(this one is brought to you by the Phil., I hasten to add)

9. The ‘delicate’ cycle on our extremely long-winded washer. In a pinch, I’ve finally discovered that there’s a setting which only takes 45 minutes instead of 3 hours.

10. The cute kid today at work who kept saying loudly, “Pheee-yew!” after reading a word correctly. I think I like 6-year-olds more than I previously suspected I would.


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