I never got my pen license!

There’s this school in Australia that we support, and I am the happy coach that manages their program. Some of the kids get demotivated by the repetition in the lessons (so it’s not just me for whom 15 minutes of the same thing gets old?!) and the teacher has come up with this brilliant plan to get the kids to write me notes telling me how they feel. Usually I get things like ‘angry’ ‘sad’ or ‘bored’. I respond with a firm yet sympathetic “but why?” Then the next day they cheerily respond, “oh, I’m better now!” (so it’s not just me… again).

This one child, Adin, has improved a lot in his reading and spelling. In response to one of my messages to him, he wrote:
“Dear Sarah
Yes, reading and writing have got easier. I have got my pen lisence now.I am collecting stamps.
from Adin”
The best part about notes from kids are the complete non sequiturs.
But what is a pen license? I asked.
This morning I logged in and found the mystery solved:
“Dear Sarah
First you write in pencil,then when your writing is good you can write in pen,
from Adin”
Of course.
The part that really got me laughing was a little follow-up note from the teacher who told me that Adin couldn’t BELIEVE that I didn’t know what a pen license was!
Ah, small joys.

6 thoughts on “I never got my pen license!

  1. I had a pen license but it was revoked due to poor penmanship. My pencil isn’t as sharp as it once was either. Thankfully, I already had an iPad license in place so I won’t have to go back to those fat crayons.
    Thanks for always bringing some sunshine into our days, Sarah

    1. A Thankful Reader – Great to hear from you! Thankfully, I think there’s no such thing as a revoked iPad license. In fact, they’d be all too happy to supply you with a lifetime guarantee if it means you’ll convert to Appledom permanently!

  2. Keep ’em coming, Sarah, they are great. During the war I went to a school in Loughton where you wrote with chalk on a slate board – honestly.

    1. Dear Bryan,
      Did they really not have pencils and pens during the Great War? Or was that the Crimean to which you were referring? My how things have changed!

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