Monday Morning Blues

Another Monday! Another commute!

1. Another beautifully sunrise rising from the mist.

2. There have been lots of horses around the past couple of days. Or the same horse in lots of different places. This guy waited very patiently to cross the road.

3. Cream tea with Marcella – soo many scones! They were scandalized when we asked for foil to squirrel away our leftovers. I hope they didn’t take it too personally.

4. A fantastic call to action taped to the window of the laundromat.

5. I was really confused when the Philosopher received a small payment invoice in the mail with this reference name… I guess my roommate has a hidden life!

Just five today! Must remember to bring my camera with me more often. There is much to marvel at, even going on four years in a city.

How long have you lived in your hometown? Are there still things to discover anew?

One thought on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Lived in Lexington since 1988.
    No matter how many times I walk/drive down the same road I always notice something different about a home or a garden.

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