Natural brilliance

We had a lovely time hosting two gorgeous gals this weekend. Something about having a PhD makes you handsome, winsome and into Wes Anderson. I can only hope the Philosopher will not buck the trend.

The weather pretty much obliged, so we took in some pizza for lunch after a stroll by the river. Like most UK pizzas, this one also failed to ‘whelm. But I liked the parmesan crust. Nice bourgeois touch. Or so the PhDs told me.

I try to give tours of Oxford but they last about 5 minutes. Usually it’s my touree that comes up with the truly interesting stuff. With their sharp eye for detail in ancient texts, they noticed these terrified head statues atop an iron gate. I think he’s nervous about all the attention.

The Philosopher got a little excited in the evening when picking out some games for us to select from…

…which we enjoyed over a giant chocolate chip cookie pie with ice cream!

All in a good day’s work.

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