Monday Morning Blues

I had a fun commute this morning trying to remember my crazy dream.

I came to this: it involved me as the caretaker of the Olsen twins in their cute 6-year-old phase, who had been invited to the White House by Michelle Obama. She was awarding them a youth literary prize for their poetry. We had to find the back entrance to the house for some reason. I remember the words “just keep walking until you come to the glass doors…just keep walking…”

Hmm. #electionwithdrawal?

Thankful for:

1) The Philosopher’s help in tackling our little tiny mould problem. Oh England.

2) Sunshine Sundays!

3) New favorite movies: Moonrise Kingdom. Wow. I’ve never been a big Wes Anderson fan but I feel the tides have turned. Movie perfection.

4) Famous friends:

5) My first quesadillas: they didn’t turn out too bad!

6) Weekend guests! They make the house feel warm. And give good excuses to make cinnamon rolls.

7) The Hour – new season this week! I try not to be too excited about new TV show seasons, because they always let you down. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

8) The slow return of my voice. The whole deep-throat thing has been frightening my clients on the phone.

9? 10? Help a girl out?

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. agreed on moonrise kingdom! excellent movie. i’m thankful for a fun weekend involving indian dancing, an international potluck, a (nepalese) rice feeding ceremony and belgian waffles (there’s a new place in boston with awesome belgian waffles/fries/beer- you HAVE to go next time you’re here!!) and a day off for veteran’s day!

  2. I’m thankful for that dream about Michelle Obama and the Olsen twins, even if I didn’t myself dream it. The MWG’s surreal dreams are a constant source of amusement and delight in my otherwise mundane life.

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