The gym bites back

Perhaps my exuberant story-telling yesterday, admittedly at the expense of some unnamed woman, has come back to haunt me.

Tonight it was I who was blushing in embarrassment in the locker room.

At around 5pm today, I lost my voice completely. It’s a funny cycle, the upper respiratory infection. Always starting with that horrendous sore throat, it moves up into nose, then down into the vocal cords, finally settling in the chest.

This one is especially fierce, because my laryngitis is complete – no sounds available to me whatsoever.

Publications Int’l Ltd

So you can imagine my mortification when yet another unknown female tried to strike up a conversation while we stood in our towels.

“Cor, it’s empty tonight!”

Silence from my end of the room. Or rather, a vigorous nod of the head and broken whisper.

“….Isn’t it?” She tries again.

She cannot see, from her position, that I am nodding vigorously – so vigorously, in fact, that my shampoo falls to the floor and starts leaking.

There is strained (or so I feel) quiet in the room. She packs up quickly, and throwing a quizzical glance over her shoulder at me, leaves.

It’s amazing, how powerless one feels without words. In the most trite of ways, I think I understand anew all of the rhetoric about giving (fill in the blank – a minority, discriminated-against group, children) a voice.

I only hope that my weekend guests arriving in an hour are happy enough to spend time with my vigorous nodding alone over the next two days!


3 thoughts on “The gym bites back

  1. I am so sorry you are sick and I will never go to a locker room again….not that I go to the gym…..not that I don’t need to go to the gym…but now I can say “I don’t go to the gym cuz locker rooms are very scary places!

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