007: Foiled Again!

Don’t worry, don’t worry. This post does not contain a single plot spoiler.

Rather, it is the plot of our evening gone wrong – spoilt, if you will.

We had grand plans to host a fun Halloween/Guy Fawkes/murder mystery themed evening but unfortunately several people had to drop out last minute so we were left with a script and no players.

But sadness soon turned to laughter as the Philosopher proposed….pizza!

We’ve been wanting to test out Atomic Pizza for a while now, to rival our favorite local joint, Mario’s. It was a little more…kitschy than expected.

We had fun picking a pizza though…nice touch with the creative names. But I have to say, the menu was so crowded with imagery and poorly organized text that I struggled to get through it. It was also difficult as we had an over eager waitress dressed up as an unnamed superhero in a very short skirt and tube top who kept asking “You all right? You all right?”.

We were.

The Philosopher put his vote in for Atomic, but I remain loyal to Mario’s. They’re very similar. Except Mario’s is slightly better.

After pizza, we bundled back into the car and drove around for, oh, I don’t know, an hour and a half – trying (in vain, obviously) to get into a showing of Skyfall. For future note: do not expect to gain entry to Britain’s favorite film series of all time on a Friday night a week after it opens.

Foiled again! Twice in one night!

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