Monday Morning Blues

Monday morning commutes are never easy, but so much the better for a wonderful weekend.

Thankful for:

1) Drench backpackers roaming the streets of Oxford. Drench is a ‘vitamin water’ type sugary drink in the UK. They must be struggling financially because they have resorted to giving free samples from a guy with a giant backpack full of Drench wearing what looks like a space suit, and holding a hose that sprays Drench. Really makes you want to go buy some Drench, doesn’t it.

2) Skyfall Fever – I mean, we’ve got the bug, sure. Can’t wait to go. But Britain’s got it bad! Swarovski jewellers is exhibiting some golden, crystal-studded gigantic keychains that looked like revolvers. Classy. Great when going through airport security, too I’m sure.

3) Skyfall Fever x 2 – I overhead a couple of guys talking about whether or not they’d bought the new 007 phone with Bond data package. Wow! That’s bold marketing by some phone company. On the topic: who’s your favorite Bond?

4) Paris dreaming – It’s fantastic to live in Europe. The bus loads of teenage French tourists don’t always feel fantastic, but it’s wonderful to hear a rich mix of languages on every street corner, and to feel that all of these worlds are now accessible to us.

5) Librarians – I was searching out a book which I couldn’t find earlier in the week and finally confessed defeat and went up to the desk. Mr. Librarian was VERY excited after discovering that my book was actually stowed away in “the store out back”. He nearly tripped in his eagerness to fetch it. When he returned with the book he actually said to me and the gentleman beside me: “You know, it’s no problem for me to go into the store out back for anything else you might need. It’s very easy for me to do that.” Very easy and VERY exciting.

6) Delicious pork tacos and equally scrumptious conversation

7) Clocks changing — the first day after is my least favorite time of the year, but the one saving grace is that it is SO much easier to get up early to exercise the first week  of the switch. And when I get up early, I get to enjoy the foggy mystique of morning.

8) Arriving home after another 9-5 and seeing two legs reclining on the philosphy-chair – warms the cockles of my heart. Also, what are cockles?

9) Our flat – it may be mouldy, but without the Bakestress here this fall our mould count is way down and the place feels cavernous. (Sorry, Bakes. Violinist – hope she’s behaving.) This must be the biggest, most nice place in Oxford for the amount that we are paying. Plus, the new curtains billowing in the breeze give the place a poetic look when the sun is shining. 10) Can anyone give me a 10?

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I agree about librarians! Once in awhile you get a scroogy one (we had librarians in Yorktown and Bedford public libraries that acted like I was trying to borrow their personal books, but most of our public libraries (and university ones too) have these awesome librarians that love to help folks who are wanting to READ (or listen or view)!

    I also agree about seeing 2 legs/feet sitting there waiting for you when you get home after a long day at work! Having people in our lives who love us and whom we can love is one of the best gifts the Lord gives us, don’t you think?!

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