Monday Morning Blues

Another Monday in another fall. We’re getting to the Dark Season, where it feels that the sun permanently sets in these northern isles. Sometimes we get poetic and say that October heralds a Dark Season of the heart as well.

But, you know, we try not to be morose about it. Instead, we jump to our feet to find things to smile about.

Thus, thankful for:

1) Coconut, chocolate chip, sultana, oat cookies with friends. We smiled a lot with our mouths full as we listened to a beautiful Northern Irish accent.2) We turned to Paula Dean’s cornbread, which was so buttery that it dissolves a hole in its own core. This only further reminded us of the emptiness of the Dark Season though so…

3) We turned to silver screen comforts, in the form of Homeland season 2. That made us smile because of the scenes of sunny Beirut. 4) We laughed as we listened to the best show on radio…ah, journalism’s witty headlines!5) We got lost in a book.

6) Or, one of us did. The other got lost in his thoughts. That’s what philosophers do for a living.

7) We got excited about Skyfall, along with the rest of England. Daniel Craig is everywhere. He’s even draped across village halls in tribute to those deep-set eyes and jug ears.

8) We shared a smile over finding yet another of the classic British fast food joints that are usually some combination of USA Fried Chicken Kebab Pizza Burger Cafe. 9) We tried to notice the little things that always feel good – for me, it’s this picture of or by by Flip Nicklin in the ladies locker room at the gym. I prefer to think that the title is the photographer’s name, and that his parents wanted him so badly to be a dolphin photographer at birth that they named him Flip. 10) Then, we did something that really worked conquer the bleakness: we enjoyed the Dark Season in its element, enjoyed it for what it can be — a magical time of year.

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I read “The Great Divorce” on Saturday. Wow. I’m thankful for the imagination of C.S. Lewis. Highly recommended.

    I’m also thankful for #9, above. Made me laugh.

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