Monday Morning Blues

Hello everyone! It’s Monday! Don’t be blue. Think thankful thoughts – the old ‘think of fluffy bunnies’ never worked much for me. This floats my boat much more efficiently.

1. Comings home. The Philosopher was doing some philosophizing in Edinburgh for a few days this week. His absence only increased my oft-latent desire to get a dog – I’ve never much enjoyed my own company! I did very much enjoy, however, the Philosopher’s returning home. Absence makes…etc.

2. Roast chickens. Even when overdone, they are stupendous. My favourite food? Dark meat please! (Should it be roast chicken, singular? Something sounds a bit inhumane, talking about multiple chickens.)

3. New seasons, new friends. The cold may be cold and the dark may be dark, but for now it’s not ‘winter’ but ‘hot chocolate!’, ‘scarves!’, ‘roast chickens!’

4. Dancing this week! #cerocfever.

5. Trying, unsuccessfully, to explain hashtags to the Philosopher one morning. That was fun.

6. The tail end of a cold. This is the second cold of 2012. I only complain because I’m a wimp. I feel like I haven’t had more than 1 cold per year for the last decade! So big hardship, clearly.

7. Homeland returning…and the promise of new seasons of other favorites: The Good Wife, Sherlock, The Hour. I have, literally, never followed a TV show in my entire life before this year. Let’s blame the weather, shall we?

8. Being out every night this week! I’m sure I won’t be thankful for this for long, but at the moment, it’s nice that things have come to life again.

9. Ok folks, your turn…9 and 10?

10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Chick-Fil-A! The place from which I write (free wi-fi), and the place at which I’ll eat lunch.

    Sarah, are you on Twitter?

  2. Hooray for chick-fil-a!!! On a related note, I’m thankful for the news that 5 Guys is invading the UK soon!!! And I’m thankful for philosophy. I can’t help it, I just love what I do (not trying to rub it in or anything).

    Um, Sar, you’re thankful for your cold? I’m confused about that one.

  3. Stage set for vote on Scottish independence. In 2014, it will be determined whether the British nuclear fleet will be expelled from Scottish waters, whether Scotland may vote independently at the U.N., and whether Andy Murray fans may continue to wear Union Jack headgear at Wimbledon.

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