Philosophy: In Pictures

Late one night, I crept into the Philosopher’s Philosophy Chair while he was out, just to see if any Big Thoughts would hit me.

And then I thought to myself: would I even know what a Big Thought looked like if it was staring me in the face?

I decided to test myself by flipping through the Philosopher’s notebook.

The very sad conclusion of this was unexpected: turns out that everyone around me in high school who was “doodling” in their notes was actually having brilliant Big Thoughts left, right and center.*

Dash it all!

*[But in all seriousness, apparently this really IS philosophy in action]

6 thoughts on “Philosophy: In Pictures

  1. Haha, my favorite is the person thinking about eggs, who then goes through a squiggly line and turns into an egg. 🙂 What fun Peter must have!

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