A cabin in the woods

Isn’t that one of those American ideals? Escaping off to a cabin in the woods, running with the deer, drinking from the brook, sleeping to the tune of the crickets. You can do it in Maine, in New York, in Virginia, in Tennessee, in South Dakota, in Colorado, in California, in Washington. I’d bet that in every state (except…Hawaii?) you could find yourself a cabin in the woods, and let your hair down in it.

Or something like.

As you may remember we did something similar last weekend, and sought out our byre in the hills.

It went a little bit like this, and every bit of it gorgeous: We were provided with fresh cream tea and farmyard eggs (not to mention delicious local bacon, jam, marmalade, butter and real orange juice). Every detail was considered – from toast holder to cow compost holder!

We had porridge in the morning and a view to die for!Thank you to Michele and Steve of Fforest Cym Byre – we hope your business takes off soon! It deserves to. (Hint, hint, reader.)

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