Another op’ning, another show

Name that musical! (Anyone, anyone?)

Well another year has kicked off – we still measure years scholastically in our house, and probably will forever. Not that I’m complaining – and with that comes a new set of intentions. One thing I’d like to work on this year is a little bit of singer-songwritering. It’s something I’ve dabbled in halfheartedly over the years. I think I’d like to try to make myself work at it – halfheartedly though it may continue to be. And perhaps, if I feel very brave, I could share some of it here. Because whenever one has an audience, one more readily rises to the occasion!

Here’s a little sampler of a project I’ve been working on. There’s been a baby explosion all around us recently. Other people’s babies are great.

So in the spirit of contributing to society and all, I’ve started The Lullaby Project.

Here’s a Lullaby for Isla. 

Sorry my face is so big. It’s too bad really because I kept getting distracted by moths playing on the window pane and you can tell. Try not to. (Though now I’ve mentioned it…cognitive suggestability.)

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