Just for fun, some verse on the run

Caffeine is amazing.
it is a powerful drug
that can make you break out in verse
when you’re meant to be at work.

it is amazing to feel
it creeping through your veins
whooshing round corners
into crevices
waking up the blood that flows
as it shouts
‘I’m here! You’re here! Look at all
that is waiting!’

I can feel it in my fingers
(I feel it in my toes)
as I type. In fact —
I can hear it!
The tip-tapping speeds up
from a cheery clip to
a dramatic clapping
that makes me want to laugh
at the sound
of being alive.

Thank you caffeine.
Though you keep many
a light sleeper
up too late in the dark,
To me, you bring light
into the darkness of morning.

Do you love caffeine? How many cups worth of love? I’ve just introduced 1 per day in recent weeks and it makes me feel a bit crazy.

See the above for proof.

3 thoughts on “Just for fun, some verse on the run

  1. oh, man, 12-16oz every morning around 7am is my wake up call. but totally not after 4pm, which leaves me sad because i always want more, but if i have it, i’m up when i don’t want to be! and that sucks.

    thanks for the post friend! totally sweet.

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