How green is my valley

This past weekend we spent two wonderful days in Cymru (Koomree, I think) – or Wales, in English.

I always felt a bit badly about the whole Wales thing. I mean, it would seem that they have been pinned as the black sheep right from the get-go. Think about it: you’ve got England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Which of these does not belong?! Wales doesn’t even get an acknowledgment of its own land? (For more on why that is, see the etymology here.)

Turns out I needn’t have worried about old Wales. It’s doing just fine without a ‘land’ tacked onto the end of it. In fact, it’s one of the most breathtaking bits of land I’ve seen in the United Kingdom.

I love the sheep and cattle dotting the landscape. Call me crazy (maybe?) but I didn’t grow up here!Huh. Bethlehem’s a lot closer than I thought. Guess that explains the cattle lowing. Hmm. These pictures are more of us than the landscape.

Here’s a couple of token windy videos to get a bit more of a 3-D feel of Skirrid Fawr. Added bonus: springer spaniel sighting!

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