Monday Morning Blues

How did September go so fast? I’m not usually one to say that (I think time moves slowly for dreamers, doesn’t it? Or maybe that’s for Type A’s. I might be both… but in either case, time generally doesn’t go by as fast as I think it should…). But where has my favorite month gone?

In any case, this morning I was thankful that:

1) The sun was shining as October dawned

2) The Philosopher and I enjoyed three restful days in the beautiful Welsh countryside

3) A friend recommended a fantastic TV series that we are gobbling up: The Hour. Think The Wire, but less American, less modern, less realistic…less of everything, including less difficult-to-watch and less heavy. Please watch it. You will love it.

4) The Philosopher is a funny guy. I particularly enjoyed his comment over the weekend as we were discussing post-PhD possibilities. He tripped over the words for a minute before stopping himself, and saying “Ok guys, one at a time. Firstly…” I was confused for a moment before I realized: he was addressing his thoughts!

5) …Another Philosopher classic (sorry) as we are hiking: “Ah, this is what romance is for a guy. Having a female buddy.” Glad to fill that role for you, bud.

6) Warm fire, hot tea, happy girl.7) In an age of bad TV and texting lingo, we still have retained a bit of wit in society.

8) We took the time and paid the 80p bridge toll to visit Hay-on-Wye, which is apparently internationally recognized as the home of the book! Books seemed to be coming out of every hole in the wall, growing up from the very ground, even.

9) The UK is such an ancient place. There are practically castles on every corner, casually draped in ivy, such that you might miss them if not looking. 10) Apple season has begun! I miss McIntoshes, but Braeburns do the trick.

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