Tuesday Evening Blues

Wow. I tell you what – wow! (Bakestress or others: name that animated film?)

Life has been galloping up ahead of us these past weeks. August meanders and we become despondent about empty schedules, then BAM! September hits and, truly, the guns are blazing every morning, day and night.

A day and a half late, I’m feeling thankful for:

1) Fullness – schedules bursting with only good things.

2) Eyelash tints – so helpful for avoiding my usual perpetual raccoon-eyed state. Excuse me this one small vanity.

3) Meeting my ‘new’ cousin…once removed? Daughter of cousin. I think once removed is right. Can anyone help me?4) And spending an hour with her lovely parents. They say that pregnancy makes a woman glow, but I’m pretty sure that being a mother has kept the glow going strong for cousin Amy. They both looked happy, relaxed, and, well, what can I say? Glowing.5) Philosopher-husbands who drive modern working girls to work when it’s pounding down with rain

6) The UPS man dramatically flinging our package over the back gate when he couldn’t find our entrance. Good think I decided to open the curtains that day…would’ve missed it altogether! It could still be out there now! Can’t fault him for perseverance and creativity. 7) Interesting flavours in the gelato arena.

8) Interesting spaces. Same gelato store had a see through floor!

9) Funny signs. I feel like this street sign went a bit wrong. I get the idea…Can anyone give me number 10?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Blues

  1. If she is your first cousin, then the baby is your first cousin once removed. “Removes” are for when the familiar relationship isn’t parallel, e.g., first cousin to first cousin’s kid.

  2. hey, MWG! We can’t read the sign in the picture for #9! (at least I can’t; maybe it’s just my ‘puter?) Please fix at your earliest convenience!!

  3. It’s really sad that this is the first thing I’m commenting on, but I totally know what movie that is from- Anastasia! Mieka and I watched it when she came to visit me in Georgia 🙂

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