Monday Morning Blues

Back at work on a Monday morning…but the only thing blue about my  commute today was the sky. I love September in Oxford. And September in most of the northern hemisphere, come to think of it. The wind turns chilly and the scarves come out. Apples are in season and the sun still feels warm on the cheek as you eat one down to the core in Gloucester Green. Leaves whistle by the ear as you fly past a giant oak tree on your bike. It feels like the throwing themselves into the wind is one last hurrah. Sort of makes you cycle faster, thinking of taking flight. And, amazingly, you haven’t yet lost sensation in your toes despite the morning frosts.

So, I think it’s fair to say, this morning I was mostly thankful for:

1) September. Read soppy paragraph above if you have questions.

2) New flowers in a new ‘vase’. Sweetheart roses for the change-up. 3) This fantastic name for soup. Glorious.4) Haagen-Dasz ice cream sale. Mint leaves and chocolate chip – flavour heaven. With real mint leaves! I just got my first one!

5) Scrambled eggs and strawberries – new Sunday lunch classic? I forgot about scrambled eggs. So good.6) Saying goodbye to junk floating around the house. This is the Bakestress’ old helmet. Sorry sis! We couldn’t afford a proper burial. 7) The IKEA man on the directions. I always chuckle because he looks like the Michelin after a year on the Atkins diet. Also, can anyone explain what he did wrong in the first picture? Don’t tie your hands behind your back while assembling this product. It will surely break! Whatever you do, keep the product in the box as long as possible, and only keep one hand tied behind your back. That’s the IKEA way. 8) Now I have a thinking chair of my own! Perhaps if I rub my head in just the right way I’ll figure out life as well as the Philosopher does.  9) Finally selling some stuff on Gumtree. Third week of posting proved the charm.

10) Sweet sleep.


9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. The only thing more confusing than IKEA directions is assembling IKEA furniture with NO directions. Oh, yes, it can be done. However, it is quite timely and one learns a great deal along the way. If only I had read this first and knew to tie one hand behind my back….it could have gone so much quicker.

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