IKEA-Bound and Laden

We spent a sunny Saturday (the last sunny Saturday?!) travelling to and from IKEA. Does IKEA stand for something? It’s funny that they spell out the name in all capitals. Perhaps that’s the Swedish way – to speak permanently on caps lock. Or perhaps they were willing global domination right from the outset.

We pulled the usual IKEA trick – or rather, it pulled the trick on us – and we spent more money and time than we intended. But despite the few hours of groaning and indecision from the Philosopher that IKEA always induces in him (that much choice is his worst nightmare), we left happy and, thankfully, still friends.

I’m pretty sure the cinnamon roll and Swedish meatballs helped on that count.


Eh voila! Now THAT is what I call a study nook. It’s definitely a nook.

Oh yeah, and here’s what we originally went to IKEA for — the little skinny Billy bookcase (shout-out to the Billy shelf line?) next to the wider one. We put that up too.

All in a good day’s work!


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