Monday Morning Blues

Well, it’s a Monday and I made it to work today! (Wild applause?) This is my first work-day Monday in a month due to holidays and time off in lieu, and let me tell you one important thing I’ve learned from the experience:

Mondays are better if you don’t go to work and the sun is shining.

Oh well!

Thankful for:

1) New curtains! We fought and fought with the supplier over their misleading website, and lost. The curtains are each 2″ short and we got no refund. But don’t they look shiny?

2) These flowers have lasted for a week and a half. That’s (so far) half a week longer than it said on the tin!

3) We sprung-cleaned a bit on Saturday and it’s like there’s more oxygen in the apartment or something now.

4) Fun and games and earl grey chocolate cake on Friday night. The cake wasn’t the best of cakes, but it didn’t detract from the fun.

5) My iron. I was missing my friend The Linguist, who has fled England with her Trader husband for more exotic climes, when I wanted to tackle a few sewing projects. She’s legit – has nice sewing machine, is featured on crafty blogs…she even goes fabric shopping! Anyway, in the absence of her advice, I turned this dress into a shirt armed only with an iron and some hem webbing. The dress didn’t close properly at the knees. Not good for cycling or, well, sitting down at all really.

6) A Philosopher with hidden musical talents. We wrote a little song to send to our nephew this weekend and he rocked it. The Philosopher that is. Foot-tapping, head-bopping and all.

7) Discovering/jumping on the blog-wagon of overnight oats! They really are unique and pretty good. Banana, milk, greek yogurt, oats, blueberries and bran left out to absorb in the fridge over night, and a bit of sugar in the morning for the Philosopher. Really good! 8,9,10) Help me get there? Any thankfulnesses from your lives this past week?

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. 8. With apologies to The Philosopher, but I’m happy that Andy Murray made it to the US Open finals – i hour away from now. Though not at all confident he can outsmart the boy wonder from Serbia
    9. A yellow “mum” brightening up my tiny deck – aka – our back yard
    10. Finally something worth opening my inbox for today – aka – modernworkinggirl

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