Uh oh, not again!

Yes folks, it’s true. We are hitting the dance floor again – just can’t keep away. The Philosopher likes wearing a muscle shirt too much and, well, I love dancing with other men. There, it’s out. Phew. We feel better now.

Watch and learn:

5 thoughts on “Uh oh, not again!

  1. I think to count as wearing a muscle shirt, you actually have to have some muscles. Otherwise, it’s just called, “wearing a really tight shirt.”
    And, to clarify: I do NOT wear shirts that tight out to dancing. The Modern Working Girl accidentally bought me the wrong sized T the other day, and I foolishly put it on without realizing this fact right before we made the above ill-fated video. Alas, I will now never live this fashion faux pas down, as it’s been immortalized on the World Wide Web!

  2. So impressed with your rapidly developing ceroc skills! I think we’ll have to pass the mantle of exhibition dancing at family events to you two now, as we sadly rarely get the opportunity to hone ours. Next time we see you we hope to get some free tuition!

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