A Very English Eccleshall Event

A very English outing was had on Saturday as I drove 2 hours north to a little (award-winning) country village called Eccleshall to exhibit for work at a county show.

A county show is really a country show, celebrating all things ‘country living’. We’re talking tractors, afternoon tea, attics full of junk and many many animals.

It was a bright and beautiful day. While the crowds were slow initially, I passed the time counting dogs and cats…

…and gave up pretty quickly! If you are ever deciding which pet to choose and need a closer look at breeds, just saddle up and head to your nearest county show. There will be more opportunities to scratch-behind-ears and be-sniffed-you-know-where then you ever thought possible.

There were multiple judged competitions. It was mostly your standard stuff, you know: dog parading, goose chasing, llama racing, cake tasting and afternoon-tea-tray presentation (!).

I got a real kick out of the saran-wrapped tray competition. Sadly, no one was there to share a laugh with me so I had to snort quietly into my cup of tea (beautifully presented, by the way).

I loved these flowers! Would be striking in a bouquet.

[Get it? Would strike you with its spikes and also look great?!]



Finally, who would pass up the opportunity to go in to the “Ferret Den”?

Not I. Never.

The opportunity to spy on ferret true-love was just too tempting to walk past.

All in all, a fun day out!


5 thoughts on “A Very English Eccleshall Event

  1. Yumm…tea and cake served on china, sign me up. No saran wrap please – whoops, I guess that’s not ‘Britishically correct’

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