Pictures from the Land of the Free

The Violinist and Chocoholic have just returned to Real Life after living large in the Land of the Free and the Brave for the last 3 weeks. Along the way, they sent us fun snapshots of what life is like for Americans outside of Boston.
I love the name of this diner. Sometimes I call the Philosopher Stinky Pete (Toy Story anyone?) just to irk him, but this is even better. I can see a Stinky Pete’s Bakery in the future.




Guess where?

Doesn’t this shot remind you of a children’s hospital? The Car Hospital: “where cars of all shapes and sizes are born and fixed up real good. Honda: because we care.”

Look! The Violinist is holding up the rock!

Mosquero, NM. Population 100 + a few rancheros.

In New Mexico you can buy cowhide throw rugs and 100% British cashmere scarves. Huh?

My college roommate The Historian, sitting pretty at home in the mountains of Colorado. She gets prettier every year. And check out that impressive stack of wood!

The Chocoholic doing his best Philosopher impersonation next to Albert Einstein.

The wild and woolly travellers suited up to tackle the Rockies. I can see the headlines now: “Hardcore Parents Put Children to Shame in 21st Century America”

America the Varied, the Comical and the Craggy. Thanks for bringing us with you, Violinist and Chocoholic!

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