Monday Morning Blues

I’m a little be worried that not-working on Monday’s is going to be a habit that it really hurts to break. For the third Monday now in a row, I’ve been not-working at fancy-free!

I worked a trade show at the weekend, so am taking today off in lieu. And, finally, one of my week day’s off is coinciding with glorious summer sun! September can be one of the UK’s most beautiful months, though March and October can give it a run for it’s sun-money as well. But this week is looking to be a knock-out. 75 today and still going strong at 4pm!

Thankful for:

1) Rick’s, our favourite cafe in Oxford. It has the best espresso, fancy macaroons and a friendly Algerian owner (Rick??!) who takes his customers under his wing and gives them free gelato. Plus, added bonus: the exposed brick really goes quite nicely with the Philosopher’s delicate complexion.

2) Waking up this morning to a GIANT hot air balloon right over our apartment!

3) Successful charity shopping expeditions! They are rare though oh so sought-after by yours truly. Today I hit the jackpot! Three stores, 15 articles of quality label clothing: under £55 baby.

4) Great store names on the Cowley Road.

5) A very chic sunburn line from the trade show this weekend. Didn’t you know? Burns are in.

6) The Violinist and Chocoholic home from their vacation! They might not be so thankful, but we are glad to see their faces again.

7) Osteopathy. I really approve of it, I’ve decided. I think I might become an osteopath after the Philosopher gets the Dr before his name. One Dr-obtaining process at a time is enough for our little family, I think.

8) Arsenal FC not being as bad as we first suspected they might be this season. This is my #8 reason, but I suspect it might be nearer to the top of the Philosopher’s list. Am I right?

9) The Songstress starting her Masters this past week and, as we Americans say, is “doin’ awesome!” Because “doing awesomely” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

10) The fun of being asked by my boss to write a recommendation for my colleague’s work application. It’s nice to sing the praises of one’s lovely co-workers, while impersonating one’s boss. He uses “one” a lot too.

11) Bonus for today: finally settling on the very important matter of what exactly is best breed of dog.

Who wouldn’t love this face? Does anyone know what breed it is? Points for guessing, and a prize for any winning guesses!


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