Smoky bacon, skunk, violet and cloves

What do the above four things all have in common?

Why, they are descriptors for wine, of course!

We learned all this and more at a blind wine tasting last night hosted by a oenophile friend of ours. We were given 9 bottles of wine wrapped in paper, and after a short lecture upon grapes, New vs Old World wines, tannins, and just being ourselves…we dove in.

There’s a peculiar manner in which one is meant to taste and smell the wine at once which is easier to master than it first appears. After sniffing and swilling the wine in your glass, you sip a bit, hold it in your mouth at the same time as breathing in through your teeth.

Think about it. Practice it a little with water. Please don’t choke.

The Philosopher and I guessed a few of the grapes correctly, but sadly most of our adjectives didn’t match what was on the bottle, so it may just have been dumb (blind) luck. I wrote smoky bacon when I should have tasted chocolate. Petroleum when really it was oak. Strawberry when the experts tasted farmyard.

But we had fun anyway. And came out with a new favorite wine!

One thought on “Smoky bacon, skunk, violet and cloves

  1. Can I just say how much I love the final photo on this page? Bryan, Sarah…miss you guys SO so much!! Glad you enjoyed the wine tasting 🙂

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