Oh what’s in a name?

We had fun together in the car on our trip northward this weekend, despite the three and a half hours of driving in traffic and arriving far too late at our destination to do all we had planned. Yes, we had fun.

C’est impossible! You say with the wild inflection of the French.

Non! C’est vrai! I counter with equal vehemence.

You see, we had one constant source of amusement while en route.

A British map.

A British map is a wonderful thing. It is full with all kinds of unbelievable and exotique names of towns and villages that leave you scratching your head in confusion. Hmm, is this Gaelic? Celtic? French? German? Pig Latin? Court Jesterese?

A few fun ones:

Barton in the Beans

Batchelor’s Bump




Chew Magna

Clock Face

Dead Cow Point (I dread to think…)

Dirt Pot

Hen Poo



Ryme Intrinseca (Is this a riddle?!)*

Can you imagine living in one of these places?

“My address? Sure, I like in 1 Saville Way, Stublick Bog, Northumberland…”


We snapped a few shots of fun ones in the pages near the Peak District:* For more fun, visit http://www.ashton-under-lyne.com/placenames.htm and read aloud.





2 thoughts on “Oh what’s in a name?

  1. Well hello! Did you find Muck City, Intercourse, Knockemstiff, Burnt Corn, Rough and Ready, Scrabble, Looneyville? No? Well it’s good to see that you Americans have managed a few innovative crazy ones of your own; not least since your vast and beautiful land is dotted with borrowed nomenclature – Aberdeen, York, Brentwood, Chatsworth – CHATSWORTH? Sacrilege!. . . Did you visit, by the way, in your perambulation?

    1. And remember this: I grew up near Winchester, Bedford and Arlington! The original Patriots may have been bold and principled, but creativity doesn’t seem to have been a particular strength.

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