Taste and see

Many of you Am-urr-ikens may have seen the classic A&E version of Pride and Prejudice where Colin Firth stole our hearts away.

My favorite VHS was number four, where Lizzie goes to the Peak District with her aunt and uncle and visits Pemberley for the first time. And no, my favorite part was not the infamous Darcy-in-wet-white-shirt moment.

I always loved that bit where she’s climbed in her long dress to the top of a rocky hill, and the camera pans over this gorgeous scenery, and you can see her catch her breath in awe, and sigh with that kind of yearning sadness that nature produces in a body: “oh! beautiful”.

We chased that scene this weekend in the peaks walking along the River Dove.

Which video installment was your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Taste and see

  1. Unlike you I didn’t memorize the numbers of the tapes!
    But I think it must have been number 4 too when Lizzie finally gets away from her awful mother and travels with her aunt and uncle to Derbyshire.
    I too have happy memories of walking in Dovedale

  2. I just like the bit where Darcy stammers his initial, unsuccessful proposal. It’s the TV costume drama gold standard.
    Speaking of: for all you P&P/Downton lovers out there, especially in the US, we just watched episode 1 of the new BBC miniseries “Parade’s End,” starring everyone’s favorite famous detective, Benedict Cumberbatch. It was pretty good; can’t wait for episode 2. I’m guessing it will make its way across the pond some time in the new year.

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