Monday Morning Blues

Yet again, a work-free Monday Monday Blues: blues be gone!

On a bank holiday Monday in the UK, thinking of thankfulnesses seems easier than ever:

1) An almost rain-free trip to the Peak District this weekend! The rain we had was beautiful.

2) Quizzing the Philosopher on his terrier group dog knowledge on a long walk in which MANY terriers were encountered. Such is the stuff of our lives, folks.

3) Going away always reminds us of how beautiful coming home is. 4) Exposed stone on inside walls. Especially Cotswold stone!5) Grandparents! Who are alive, well, and taking us to a carvery for lunch.

6) Something new: a mini chalkboard charting what we have to look forward to next. Helpful for keeping the thankfulness going week-round! 7) Another 4-day work week.

8) A healthy car. For those of you who have never owned/had to deal with an automotive vehicle, a visit to the mechanics where a clean bill of health is the outcome seems both rare and unsustainable! Yet, for the past three years, we’ve been lucky.

9) Fresh flowers on the table. Thank you, Lord Sainsbury, that the price was right.

10) Tonight’s dinner with friends: Jamaican Roast Chicken, Beer Bread, Sauteed Marrow and Cinnamon Apple Cake. Plus the friends part 🙂 Our little kitchen smells so good right now.


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