Chasing sheep

As I think I mentioned, last weekend my good friend the Songstress was with us for a whirlwind couple of days. When she’s around, crazy things happen.

Like chasing sheep. Unsuccessfully chasing, I might add, and trying to feed them half-eaten apples.

Sheep are just so unimpressed by humans.

We had a hot sunny summer day in Oxford on Sunday and a cold rainy day on Monday. The Songstress found her door!

There were bales and bales of hay in Christ Church Meadow, but mysteriously all the livestock had vanished. Conspiracy theories abounded…was it the apocalypse for cows??!

Big tree, small Songstress.

The Songstress shrieked at what looked like a levitating, two-tired car. Maybe our apocalypse theory wasn’t too far off…

(P.S. It’s, of course, actually a three-tired car. Still strange, and unique to the UK I think? The driver was not too skinny so the car comically tilted to the right. I say comically, but dangerously would also apply…)

The Songstress was so inspired by this vehicle that in homage she decided to go for the no-arms look at Blenheim Palace.

The scenery took our breath away.

And then we found the sheep! On route to the Column of Victory (love that), we walked through a field of sheep in the middle of their lunch. Sort of more of an all-day affair for sheep, lunch is.

Titular chasing ensued…

We ended the chase with some lunch of our own. Cream tea! It was delicious, but really: who, besides the Philosopher, needs a scone AND a piece of cake?!

Love this girl. We have quite a few pictures from university years where the camera catches me giving her a sidelong glance mid-giggle. Either I’m bad at smiling for the camera (true), or I prefer smiling for the Songstress. She’s the kind of gal you smile for – for the beauty of her heart and of her friendship.

Thankfully, someone came along so we got a ‘proper picture’.


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